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Friday, June 5, 2015

Farewell Party for Tara and Shel!

For those who didn't read the post prior to this one, scroll down to see the information regarding Tara and Shel retiring to North Carolina and leaving our group after 17 years.  Yesterday, in commemoration and grateful thanks for her nearly two decades of devoted service to the Village Singers of Lake Zurich and its predecessor group, her best friend, Karen, hosted a spirited "Farewell Party" for Tara and Shel, at her lovely lakeside home. 

About two dozen were able to attend on this gorgeous evening, and for 3+ hours, lots of memories, stories, and tears were shed as we ate, sang, toasted, and reminisced. 

 It has been our joy to have had their friendship and Tara's impressive musical skills for all our concerts and other performances, and everyone departed last night with a gaping hole in our hearts because of their departure.  We wish them well in their new home near their daughters and grandchildren!

"Bon voyage and Godspeed, Tara and Shel!"

Choir sings "Goodbye" to Tara, and responds with a song...

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