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Monday, December 8, 2008

2008 Christmas Concert

The 12th Christmas Concert by the vaunted Village Singers of Lake Zurich again set attendance records with over 350 enjoying the two performances.

Barb and Joe sang the poignant "My Grownup Christmas List.."

... and long-time chorus member Gwen continued her tradition of writing a letter incorporating all 27 song titles...

"Reminisce" is composed of Jeannine and Earl, the director and associate director, and two soloists, Joe and Carol, shown below singing "Perfect Christmas Night."

During the intermission, the singers stayed loose by posing for the camera. Here are the ladies of the chorus...

... and the men...

Kathy, Juel, and the two Barbs, also known as "N' Tune" delighted the audience with "Hold the Light."

The chorus members have a unified goal after each performance -- unwind and socialize! We always patronize Lake Zurich restaurants, with Giordano's as the location after Sunday's concert, and below is the group at Hackney's after Saturday's gig...

Another chorus tradition is gathering at the home of hostess extaordinaire Barb's for a party after all the season's work is done. The get-together is Monday night, after which I'll post photos of the festivities.

Over two dozen additional photos of the concerts are available in my photo gallery here. These photos can be downloaded, and if you have additional photos, you may upload them to the gallery for others to enjoy.

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