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Come join our non-auditioned community chorus, now in our 21st year, now under the direction of Valerie Lota. All are welcome to join! Rehearsals are on Mondays at 7:00 pm at St. Peter UCC Church in Lake Zurich (see sidebar on the right.)
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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Final week before concerts!

This is the final week of rehearsals before the concerts on Saturday and Sunday, and all seems to be coming together nicely since Jeannine has seemed very calm the last few weeks. Here she is directing us last night as we practiced in the sanctuary for the first time with our new staging arrangement...

... in which we are actually in the audience rather than up on the stage.

Of course, we'd be out of business without our exceptional accompanist, Tara, who is like a second director in the manner in which she assists Jeannine week to week...

... and Lorraine has rejoined us to add her outstanding special effects and variety of musical "instuments" using the Clavinova...

Ruth is our other fine accompanist...

and she works with all our solos and small group numbers, and also pinch-hits when Tara can't make a rehearsal. A chorus group can not function without a number of talented accompanists, and we are infinitely blessed with these three wonderful musicians!


FAN1 said...

Here, here!!! Three cheers for Tara, Lorraine and Ruth.

Wonderful pictures as usual Chuck.

Sing pretty everyone --- and blend, blend, blend.

Chuck said...

To Chuck the Hiker (or the younger -- if you prefer) from Chuck the Elder.

Great Blog! Pictures, comments & all!

Can't wait to see the next update